How HHO works

How HHO Kits Works
HHO kits are the machine that breaks water (H2O) to molecules by electrolysis and make HHO gas. This gas contains Hydrogen-Oxygen molecules. When we intake this HHO gas in Air-Intake of the engine then it mix with air-fuel in the combustion chamber and burn with it and boost the burning efficiency of the fuel, and helps to burn fuel completely. Read More……(Link of HOW HHO WORKS page)

Advantages of HHO Gas
* It helps to burn the unburned fuel (Also called carbon) completely, which increase the mileage up to 60% and more.
* Its cleans carbon and stop future carbon building.
* It increases the pick-up of the vehicle.
* It Reduce the maintenance costs of vehicle.
* It also reduce the pollution (CO, NOx) generated by the engine.