HHO Carbon Cleaning Machine For Cars & Bikes up to 4000 CC Engine

Rs.450,000.00 Rs.250,000.00


  • Remove carbon deposits, and lower emissions.
  • Restore engine horsepower and torque.
  • Friction is minimized, so engines run smoother.
  • Optimize combustion efficiency.
  • Increase engine life.
  • Chemical free and non-toxic cleaning method.



Carbon Cleaning using HHO gas cleans away the carbon build-up efficiently and without mess or harm to the environment.
The results are more low RPM power in a smoother running and more efficient engine.
Carbon reduction results can be seen using a micro-camera, before and after the process.
Different from the traditional carbon reducing methods; no pollution, no harmful gases or chemical additives to harm you, your car or the environment.
Save time and money by using the Carbon Cleaning System; increase your business potential, customer base and profits.

After using the HHO ENGINE CARBON CLEANING SYSTEM, carbon build-up is completely cleaned away, engine efficiency is increased, power and performance are restored, life expectancy is improved and engine emissions are reduced.

Specifications :

Design –  Compact

AC Voltage Requirement (V) -220-240 volt

Compatible for up to 4000 CC Engine

Power Consumption  –  3 kw

Maximum HHO Production – 900 LPH

Water Storage –  15 Liter

Gas Production – Variable Controls

Net Weight   –  125 Kg

Dimensions – 30x25x34 Inch


Additional information

Weight15000 g
Dimensions30 × 26 × 34 in


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