HHO Kit for Bike up to 150cc


Increase in mileage of vehicle up to 40% & in some case more

Increase in Pick-Up and Power of vehicle.Better smoother running engine.

Reduce Production pf Pollution(NOx), Eco Friendly Product

Self Installation can be done, Professional not must, Install time only 20 Minute

10 Days Money Back Guarantee

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Installation Process


Step 1– Take 150 ml Zero TDS distilled water. You can get Zero TDS distilled water from surgical shop because doctors use this water to wash this operation instruments.


Step 2– Take 12-15 tablet of Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) and mix these tablets in distilled water.Fill this solution into the HHO kit with the help of injection syringe. Fill the water up to transparent area of the kit.


Step 3- (Pre-Test) without power controller before fixing the kit test the kits working .Connect the pipe to the kit upper connector. Take water in a cup/Glass and dip another end of pipe in water. Then connect kit’s Black wire to battery’s Negative and Kit’s Red Wire to batteries positive. You can use any 12 volt battery like invertor, bike, car battery.

As you connect the wire to the kit then bubbles will start in water. If bubbles is producing its mean kit is working fine you can go for further installation process (.Don’t test more than one minute.)Now remove the connection.

Step 4– Now search a suitable place in your bike to fix the kit. Do not fix the kit where heat can harm it. Keep the kit at 90degree so water cannot flow outside.

Step 5(Connection with power controller) Connections is very easy. Connection diagram also written on power controller. There is one Output (Red, black wire) and one Input (Black and yellow wire).Connect output Red wire to kit’s Red wire and Black wire to kit’s Black wire. Now you have only input black and yellow wire left .Connect Input Black wire to bike’s body earth or Battery’s negative and connect Input Yellow wire to ignition switch. (Mean in yellow wire current should be stop when you switch off the bike and current should be on when switch on the bike.)

Step 6(Water displacement Test) Connect the pipe to the kits upper connector and dip pipe’s other end in water. Now switch on the ignition. As you switch on the bike then bubbler should be start producing in water and when you switch off the bike the bubbler should be stop. If the above process is OK its mean your connection are fine and if not then check the connection of ignition yellow wire.

(Note:-With power controller bubbler speed will be very slow .It will create minimum one bubbler per second.)


Step-7 :- (Connecting the SAFETY DRYER) Fix the Safety dryer near to the Hose pipe and keep it  vertical(90 degree). Cut the pipe in two pieces. Connect first piece of pipe to the HHO kit’s upper connector and connect pipe other end to the Safety Dryer’s Input. Connect second piece of pipe to the dryer’s output and intake other end of pipe into the hose pipe by making a small hole in hose pipe via a small screw drawer.


Step-8:- Start the bike and leave it start for 15 minutes. When HHO going to start in engine then some engine’s RPM will increase and bike engine sound will be more smoother and when you run bike,you will feel increment in Pick-up.


Step-9:- (Most important- Carburetors Tuning) Before HHO kit installation your carburetor set with petrol and air. Now you intake an extra fuel (HHO) in it. So, now you have to set carburetor with Petrol,Air and HHO gas. For this re-tune the carburetor and set it on Minimum Petrol and maximum Air and on ideal RPM. Now run your bike and check the difference.


(Note:-  Check the Bike Mileage before HHO kit installation and keep the data with you. After installing the HHO kit check the mileage again and see the difference.)


Frequent Asked Questions

Q: How can I use it ? I have to add a HHO gas cylinder in my bike ?

A: No, you don’t need any cylinder. Our HHO kit is very small (1.5 inch x 5 inch) and very easy to install in any bike. The HHO gas that is being produced by the on demand kit is not stored at all. It is being used as it is produced.  The typical user of an HHO on demand  kit have reported 20% to 50% increases in fuel savings.


Q:What fuel economy will get when using HHO generator?

A: You can increase your mileage by up to 50%. If you traveled on a single tank of fuel 500 km, now to ride 750 or approximately 30% fuel savings.


Q: How much current it will take ?

A:  Our HHO kit run on very low current (0.25 to 0.90 amp only).  Bike’s alternator producing approx 4 amp current when engine start, so HHO kit runs on that current. You can also install our kit in those bikes who don’t have battery or have old battery.


Q:When I have to fill water in HHO kit ? 

A: You have to just fill 150ml water after 1000KM runs


Q:What is the life of this HHO kit ?

A : Kit’s life is minimum 75000 KM. It has one year warranty al


Q:How I will fix it in my bike ? My City’s bike mechanic don’t know about this technology?

A: In many countries this technology is using from last twenty years but in India its not so popular. No problem for that, we make our system very easy to install. Any bike mechanic can do it with our INSTALLATION MANUAL. Installation manual come with every kit and Installation videos also available.


Q 6 : Does This System Have PWM ?

A : Yes, it has step down convertor, which converts 12 V DC in to 7 to 8 V DC


Q: 11. What you give a guarantee for the hydrogen generator?

A: As a manufacturer with proven quality We give you a warranty period of 6 Months, full warranty.


Q: 13. Do I need to declare in Vehicles Dept. if in the car is fitted Hydrogen Generator?

A: You do not need to do anything  because you did not change the car. A separate system is not subject to technical inspection for lowest pressure according the EU regulations, but just in case you can check it out how it is in your country cause of different legislation. 


Q: 14. Can this system improve the efficiency of the engine of my Vehicle?

A: Yes, surely


Q: 18. What maintenance is required for gas generators Brown?

A: Every 800-1000 km. mileage will need topping up the tank system around 100ml. distilled water and 8 Tablets . it is recommended to flush the system and load again with distilled water and electrolyte (Potassium hydroxide flakes) After 5000 KM Run.


 Q: 19. What is the electrolyte used?

A: Potassium Hydroxide (KOH). Located in most chemical stores.


Q: 20. What if I do not use distilled water in my generator what will happen?

A: Distilled water is pure water. With other types of water like tap water, mineral water, pond water, sea water, etc., the generator will work, but it will also lead to easier deposition of minerals and impurities that are in the water and electrolyte will become boiling “mud.” This clay will be glued on the generator plates and act as an insulator causing lower production of HHO gas.


Q: 21. In case of an accident will the Hydrogen Generator blow you?

A: Absolutely not, everything that can happen is that there will be water and electrolyte on the ground


Q : Shall I need to DO Carburator Setting ?

A : If your Bike is Carburator model then yes, you need to set carburator with setting maximum Air and less petrol, A good experience machanic will do it easily, just tell them that , we are using Extra HHO Fuel and we  want to cut the fuel to replace Petrol by 30%, Please note: Our gas is going with Air, so we need to increase Air as well for good HHO Intake and more combulsion, if your machanic says that it will decrease the pickup, then say it will not decrease the pickup, it will increase the pickup by this HHO and do the setting with one or one and half Turn.

If your Bike is Fuel Injected Engine then , you not need to do any Setting , it will auto adjust the same


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