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HHO Kit for Bike up to 550 CC DRY CELL MODEL Contains

HHO Cell,

Safety Dryer ,

Electrolyte (KOH),

Connection Gas Pipes,

Clip for Fitting,

Syringe for Filling Water,

Installation Manual



Installation Process


Step-1 : First connect cell and water tank with connection pipes. Connect cell’s upper nozzle to tank’s upper nozzle and cell’s lower nozzle to tank’s lower nozzle. s Use pipe clips for tighten it.

Step-2 : Search the suitable place in your bike to fix the kit. Fix connected cell and tank in your bike with the help of mounting clip.. Keep the kit vertical standing position.

Step-3 :Take 150 ml zero TDS distilled water(You can use Bislery OR RO water as second option) and mix 20 pills of Electrolyte (KOH)  in water and mix it. Now fill this water into the water tank with the help of injection syringe.

Step-3 : Now make wiring connection. There is two wire in cell, one is BLACK and second is RED. Connect Black wire to battery’s negative or bike’s body earth. And connect RED wire to ignition switch(With key on/off).

Step-4 :Check the connection. Make sure your kit should be start when you switch on the lock key  and should be off when you switch off the lock key.

Step-5 : Connect the Extra Filter with blue color pipe and inject extra filter needle shape end into the hose pipe. (HOSE PIPE- the rubber pipe connecting air filter and carburetor). And connect blue pipe second end to tank’s connector.

Step-6 : Now start the engine and note the RPM of the engine if you can. Leave it start position for 20 minutes and check the RPM increment. Now run the bike minimum 50-60 kilometers and check there is improvement in pickup and smoothness.

Step-7 : After 60 kilometer run reset the carburetor tuning at minimum petrol and maximum air and set the RPM between 950 to 1100 RPM. Now check your mileage.



Installation video





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